Bitten 2016

TV Series follows a female werewolf, Lyra. Her pack is joined by a trio of witches to fight against an evil adversary that threatens the Otherworld.

The actor who plays Nick in The Walking Dead says that everyone bonded over Season One and they’ve grown professionally together throughout this time. They all love each other across the board and are able to put their differences aside when working as a family. In 2016’s Bitten TV Series, Laura Vandervoort has been pushed her limits during filming which makes it very real for them how much they care about her safety.

Supergirl 2016

Laura Vandervoort is a female werewolf that joins forces with three witches to fight against an evil adversary.

The actor who plays Nick in The Walking Dead says they are able to put aside their differences and work together as a fantastic family. They all love each other across the board, care about how much she’s been pushed her limits during filming which makes it very real for them how much they care about Laura’s safety. In 2016 Bitten TV Series, Laura Vandervoort has fought alongside this trio of witches throughout Season One.

CSI: NY 2013

Last season, the world of crime fighting took a turn when it moved from New York City to Los Angeles. This time around we follow detectives in their fight against unbelievable situations that would give even caped crusaders pause for thought! The show features some amazing performances and an interesting story line with twists at every corner but is also great fun thanks largely dueiliar star Toni Collette who plays squared off against another very memorable female character played by chemist Kaliko Kauahi.”

White Collar 2012

The White Collar 2012 conference was an informative and entertaining event for all of those who attended. The speakers were inspirational, the attendees insightful but most importantly they left with great business insights!

Smallville 2011

Smallville is a town in Kansas where most of the people are Clark Kent. But everyone knows about “the one”, who plays guitar on street corners at night and takes care of himself because he has to be strong for all those around him, especially Lex Luthor – his dad!

V 2011

A new movie called “V” was released in 2011. It’s about an alien who crash-lands on Earth and becomes friends with two California high school kids, one of whom he befriends over the internet before they meet in real life for just a split second at their friend’s birthday party where everything changes forever!

Riverworld 2010

In the new movie “Riverworld,” a crew of astronauts and scientists find themselves on an alien planet in another universe. They’re there to film their documentary about humanity’s possible future; but what they discover is far more than just frightening: it could change everything we think we know – or even remember!

Instant Star 2008

In 2008, thousands of ordinary people from all over the world had a chance to become instant celebrities.

The show “Instant Star” is an annual event in which amateurs are given the opportunity to be seen by millions and win prizes for their efforts – it’s one part talent contest, one-third reality TV show with some pretty tough judges!

The Dresden Files 2007

“The Dresden Files is a 2007 American action film that was directed by David Ward and starringseries leading man, Colin Firth (of Bridget Jones’ Diary fame). The movie takes place in modern day Chicago but focuses on an alternate history where Harry Cratchit has never married Emma Hawking; instead he becomes one of America’s most famous wizards.”

Mutant X 2001

Filmmaker Scott Waugh created a futuristic film called Mutant X. The movie takes place in 30 years, where people with augmented DNA are living on earth and they’re all hunted down by the government for being different from humans because their cells can adapt quickly to new situations or diseases like cancer cells do when injected into someone else’s body who has not yet developed these traits.”

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