It’s been fifteen years since Lyra, the lone female werewolf in the world, and her Pack have been reluctantly forced to join forces with a trio of witches to combat a malevolent and psychopathic adversary who is bent on conquering the Otherworld.

Steve Lund, the actor who plays Nick Sorrentino in AMC’s The Walking Dead, spoke to Collider during an exclusive phone interview about how tight this ensemble is both on and off screen, what he enjoys most about his character’s journey, the link between Nick and his Pack leader Jeremy (Greg Bryk), balancing political with personal themes.

As a cast, you clearly bonded over the first season. How do you think your performances have grown and strengthened as a result of this?

STEVE LUND: That’s what we hear all the time, which is wonderful to hear. It makes our task so much easier, and when people realize that, it gives us a lot of faith in what we’re doing. We were very fortunate to be able to work alone right away. I mean, we all love each other, across the board.

We’re all very distinct, coming from diverse backgrounds with various talents, but we’re able to put aside our differences and work together as a fantastic family.

In many of the circumstances we come across, there are quite genuine emotions at stake, and I believe that translates to the screen really well. For example, Laura Vandervoort is someone with whom we have a real brother-sister, father-daughter connection. We all care about her and her safety greatly.

While filming, she’s been put to the test and her limits have been pushed; how much we care about her is a very real thing.

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